Exclusive Invitation: Share Your Insights on Topical Anesthetics

As of Sunday 10/22/2023 this survey has been completed. We no longer accept participants. We are hands on filing for all required paperwork to launch this new formulation. All participants have been sent and received  a full size of Greencaine Blast (lidocaine 4%) and will also be the first to receive the new Greencaine 5 with 5% lidocaine concentration.

Follows the ended survey description that just finished:

We've developed a new Lidocaine 5% formulation, and we highly value your professional expertise to further refine it. Your insights matter greatly, and we invite you to share your preferences and suggest any additional ingredients that would tailor this formulation to best meet your requirements.

In appreciation of your input, we're delighted to offer you a complimentary 4 Oz Greencaine Blast tube, featuring Lidocaine 4%, today. 

Furthermore, upon the launch of our new Lidocaine 5% formulation (expected in the coming months), you will be among the first to receive a complimentary full-size sample.

If you are anything like me and would like to look at the whole survey questions BEFORE choosing to participate, please see it is all here: https://greencaine.com/pages/look-at-the-whole-survey-before-participating

By joining, you commit to providing truthful and valuable feedback regarding the topical anesthetics you currently utilize. Your input will play a pivotal role in the development of GREENCAINE 5, featuring a potent 5% lidocaine formulation tailored to meet the preferences of you and your peers.

We kindly request your participation only if you are willing to dedicate your utmost attention and consideration to this crucial matter. As soon as we reach our quote of  responses, we will begin sharing anonymously the collective feedback with you.

Your insights matter greatly, and we look forward to your invaluable contribution to this endeavor. Thank you for your dedication to advancing the field of Electrolysis Hair Removal.

To engage and collaborate with us, kindly provide your email address, and we kindly ask you to add survey@greencaine.com to your list of trusted email contacts. This will ensure smooth delivery of the official survey form to your inbox.

NOTE: it is NOT required to create nor have a Gmail email. This is hosted in Google servers and they will suggest to sign up to save the progress. This is a very short survey and there is no need to save the progress (just about 8 questions).

At the end of the survey, optionally click the checkmark to receive a copy of your responses. If you do not find that email, please search from an email from survey@greencaine.com and please remember to mark it as NOT SPAM. 

To request access to participate please email me directly: survey@greencaine.com or just call me 561 308 2463

I will personally respond and assign you a 5 digits number that will relate you to your questions when all results are published.

After the survey is concluded (in a few days/weeks) we will email you the responses anonymously (you will see your response with your assigned secret number), but nobody will know is from you, 

This will be done manually, no robots nor span. I will personally call you/email you and here is my direct cell phone: 561 308 2463, a real person, no waiting in line when you call (I am here 9 am..8 pm E.S.T.).


VP Operations
For this project: survey@greencaine.com
For any other direct inquire: Jose.Colombo@greencaine.com
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Corporate: 1-888-306-6933