Product seal and outer wrap Posted on 11 Feb 23:12

NEW Caps:.Please note the product caps are Child Resistant for the protection of the little ones.

In order to open the tubes, first remove the outer plastic wrap.

Please hold the tubes with one hand around the bottom part,  around the label where GREENCAINE BLAST can be read, while pushing down and turning with the other hand on the cap.

This will prevent from applying too much pressure on the tube body and seal under the cap from popping out.

We replaced the caps, after noticing they start to fail after a few months. The new caps work perfectly!

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2020 Winter Ending SALE Posted on 6 Mar 11:14

Winter is ending and is time to get ready for Spring and show some more skin! Greencaine Blast numbing cream for brazilian waxing, tattooing, laser hair removal and more is now on SALE:

Greencaine Blast numbing cream for brazilian waxing, tattooing and laser hair removal on sale.

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New fresh batch Posted on 30 Jan 13:23

Just received, fresh Greencaine Blast numbing cream for tattoos, microneedling, injections, laser hair removal and microblading:

2019 Veterans Day Sale Posted on 10 Nov 12:15

Greencaine Blast numbing cream is on Sale in observance of the Veterans Day holiday:


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2019 Labor Day Sale Posted on 24 Aug 12:19

2019 Labor Day Sale - UK, Australia, New Zealand, Italy, Spain and all NON-US countries please visit

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2019 Independence Day Sale Posted on 18 Jun 20:14

Giant Independence Day sale on Greencaine numbing cream for tattoos, microneedling, brazilian wax, varicose vein removal, laser hair removal, electrolysis and microblading.

2019 Cinco de Mayo Giant Sale Posted on 27 Apr 17:50

Giant Cinco de Mayo Sale on Greencaine numbing cream for tattoos, microneedling, brazilian wax, varicose vein removal, laser hair removal, electrolysis and microblading.

Valentine's day Sale on numbing cream Posted on 24 Jan 16:23

2019 Valentine's Day Sale -35% OFF on GREENCAINE BLAST numbing cream for tattooing, microblading, laser hair removal, laser tattoo removal, brazilian waxing, electrolysis hair removal and microneedling.

Perfect Valentine gift: "Partners don't let partners suffer!" - Gift it to your Valentine for his/her next beauty appointment. Greencaine is the best for brazilian waxing epilation pain.


5 Stars Review on Facebook by MC Posted on 22 Feb 14:08

wow! just wanted to let you know how well I liked your numbing cream.

I was about to get a large tattoo on my upper chest and the artist told me that it was going to be painful. Well, when the artist tells you this, you listen. He suggested I purchase numbing cream. I searched the web and found a lady who rated all the creams, gels and sprays. She said your worked he best. I immediately ordered the gel. I arrived on schedule as promised.

I thought it was a nice touch to have the hand written note in the package. Made me feel secure because I felt that you really stand behind your product. A couple of hours before my session, I laid a hat wet towel over the area, and then applied the gel, and then cling wrapped the area.

I took it off right before I got in the car to go to my appointment. I was completely numb. It was great. I stayed numb for about 4 hours.

I know it worked well because I was in the chair for 6 hours and those last two hours I really felt! I go back in a couple of weeks to have the piece finished up and you can be sure that I will be using your product. I love the fact that it has aloe in it as well.

Thanks for being so awesome!


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