5 Stars Review on Facebook by MC Posted on 22 Feb 14:08

wow! just wanted to let you know how well I liked your numbing cream.

I was about to get a large tattoo on my upper chest and the artist told me that it was going to be painful. Well, when the artist tells you this, you listen. He suggested I purchase numbing cream. I searched the web and found a lady who rated all the creams, gels and sprays. She said your worked he best. I immediately ordered the gel. I arrived on schedule as promised.

I thought it was a nice touch to have the hand written note in the package. Made me feel secure because I felt that you really stand behind your product. A couple of hours before my session, I laid a hat wet towel over the area, and then applied the gel, and then cling wrapped the area.

I took it off right before I got in the car to go to my appointment. I was completely numb. It was great. I stayed numb for about 4 hours.

I know it worked well because I was in the chair for 6 hours and those last two hours I really felt! I go back in a couple of weeks to have the piece finished up and you can be sure that I will be using your product. I love the fact that it has aloe in it as well.

Thanks for being so awesome!


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